…my parents for everything. You made me into who I am.

Although writing up the PhD thesis might be the effort of one person, the reason that person even gets as far as starting to write up is thanks to all the people supporting that PhD student. I am grateful for everyone who has been there to support my journey towards the finished thesis. I’m indebted to and grateful for the following persons…

… my main supervisor Stefan Holmlid, for all the support and letting me find my own path whilst at the same time showing me which alternate paths I might be missing. Never forcing, always suggesting suits me perfectly!

… my two co-supervisors Arne Jönsson and Björn Alm. Both of you have provided invaluable outsiders perspectives on my research when most needed. Björn, a special thank you for all the fruitful discussions in general and on the methodological approach in general. And to Arne, thank you for your experience and making sure the research continued to progress towards a finished thesis.

… everyone who has participated in my studies. I am extremely grateful for all your help. In total roughly 50 people have been involved in one way or another in providing the data used in the studies. This thesis would not have been possible to write without your help. An extra warm thank you to everyone in the three agencies I worked in/with for the final study for allowing me to be a part of your work places.

… HCS for providing an enjoyable place to work in. And special thanks to IxS and the fika-crowd. IxS for providing an intellectually inspiring  environment to work in, in which there always are new perspectives to be found when needed – thank you Stefan, Johan, Matti, Johan, Lisa, Eva, Mathias and Tim. And to the fika-crowd for providing many laughs, exciting discussions and a few beers during my PhD studies. So a big thank you to all of you; those of you who were here when I started and now have moved on (Sanna, Maria and Sara), those who have been here throughout most of my PhD (Johan, Amy, Jody and Anna) and all of you have joined the last few years (Lisa, Jonas R, Mattias, Kricke, Falkenskägg, Robin, Tim, Camilla and Karin). Also, thanks to all the administrative staff, especially Lise-Lott and Anne.

… an extra thank you to Johan and Lisa, the ones I tend to turn to first when I have something to discuss. Or just need a break.

… all the photo models. For the cover I want to thank the Zodiaken-staff in general for allowing me to take the photos on the front and back of the thesis cover, and Kristofer Frendesson in particular for getting in front of the camera. Similarly, my thanks go to the “customers” Matti, Lisa, Johan, Amy, Stefan and Tim. Furthermore, many thanks go to Jalal Maleki for taking the photos at Zodiaken. For the examples of visualisation techniques, my thanks go to Anna for modelling and Jonas H for photographing.

… my parents for everything. You made me into who I am.

Research support: The research presented in this thesis has been supported by: Vinnova: SERV project: Service Design, innovation and involvement. Ref no: 2007-03444. European Union: CIP Competitiveness and Innovation Program, research project “Service Design as an approach to foster competitiveness and sustainability of European tourism”.

Contributor: Fabian Segelström

Source: Segelström F (2013) Stakeholder Engagement for Service Design: How service designers identify and communicate insights, PhD, Linköping University


Thanks for being my twin in spirit

None of this would have been possible without the insights and contributions of these amazing individuals; they are all blessings in disguise.

Through my research efforts, I was able to find not only a considerable measure of peace, but also the spark of Divinity. It was found in the faces and actions of my friends, family, and exceedingly worthy adversaries.

‘Yea though I walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil, for Thou art with me…’ -excerpt from the 23rd Psalm.

A.H. – The insights gleaned from our interactions were priceless, as was your Holy Book.

B.H. – You were a step in the right direction.

B.P. – Thanks for making this possible, and for your insights, encouragement, patience, and understanding. For all the late nights spent exchanging messages until the wee hours of the morning. For your unwavering support. For not backing down. For teaching me how to let go, and inspiring me to be better, stronger, and more open. For pushing me into the Shadows. When the entire negotiation for a session consists of a head nod and the phrase ‘Don’t tell me, just do it!’ I know I’ve found the right sparring partner. You are a damn good friend, and a worthy adversary.

B.V.R. – Thank you for giving me the freedom to conduct this research. Thank you for letting go.

J. & J.M. – Thanks for the priceless distractions when I needed them most.

M.G. – Thank you for teaching me about the Voice Within.

M.H. – Thank you for all of the conversations, meditations, and the OUTSTANDING photography. Thank you for being the Guardian at the doorway of my Sanctuary.

The Jewel – Thank you for being both a mentor and a friend. For teaching me about monsters. For teaching me about grace and strength, and for getting me through both my first and last nights in service. Most of all, thank you for introducing me to A.P. Just sayin’!

The Lifestyle and Lucky Club Staff/Volunteers – You work ceaselessly to make these places into second homes and sanctuaries. It was an honor to spend time on such sacred ground. Yours is mostly a thankless job, but your efforts do not go unnoticed. You make miracles happen.

V.P. – Thank you for being a tempest. For being right there with me, setting aside your own traumas and fears to help me overcome mine. Thank you for the amazing aftercare and your unending courage and support. Thanks for being my twin in spirit.

Contributor: @feral_tigress

The most encouraging and helpful friends I ever had

This journey of PhD research had its highs and lows; yet, I am most lucky to have enormous support along the way. Here, I would like to take the chance to say ‘thank-you’ to everyone.

My supervisory team has been great for the past three years. Professor Tom Inns and Professor Bill Nixon have been encouraging and supportive in supervising this project and the writing of this thesis. Thank you for the inspiring discussions and the enthusiasm toward the topic – I will definitely miss these wonderful conversations!

I am sincerely grateful to all the participants in my research, especially David Townson, Ben Reason, Nick Marsh, Florence Andrews, Gill Wildman and Nick Durrant for sharing the five insights Service Design stories. Your openness is truly appreciated. This thesis would not be possible without these stories and the reflections you shared with me. Thank you for spending your valuable time reviewing and offering feedback on the case studies. Also, from online forums and conferences, I have received useful information and insights from researchers and practitioners from various backgrounds. Here I would like to thank all of you for contributing to the research.

My dear colleagues and friends, Jonathan Baldwin, Nadia Svirydzenka, Fan Xia and Lauren Tan, have been the most encouraging and helpful friends I ever had!

I would like to thank Hazel Field from the Master of Design programme at the University of Dundee and all the students from the past three years, for the wonderful teaching experience alongside the PhD experience. I learned more than I could expect from the teachers and students on this creative and interdisciplinary course.

Finally but most importantly, to my parents, who have always been my motivation and inspiration, even though they cannot be with me in rainy Scotland!

Contributor: @Qin_Han
Source: Han, Q. (2010) Practices and Principles in Service Design, PhD, University of Dundee