A mentor and friend, from whom I have learnt the vital skill of disciplined critical thinking

Foremost, I would like to express my deepest thanks to my two supervisors, Professor Phil Trinder and Dr Patrick Maier. Their patience, encouragement, and immense knowledge were key motivations throughout my PhD. They carry out their research with an objective and principled approach to computer science. They persuasively conveyed an interest in my work, and I am grateful for my inclusion in their HPC-GAP project.

Phil has been my supervisor and guiding beacon through four years of computer science MEng and PhD research. I am truly thankful for his steadfast integrity, and selfless dedication to both my personal and academic development. I cannot think of a better supervisor to have. Patrick is a mentor and friend, from whom I have learnt the vital skill of disciplined critical thinking. His forensic scrutiny of my technical writing has been invaluable. He has always found the time to propose consistently excellent improvements. I owe a great debt of gratitude to Phil and Patrick.

I would like to thank Professor Greg Michaelson for offering thorough and excellent feedback on an earlier version of this thesis. In addition, a thank you to Dr Gudmund Grov. Gudmund gave feedback on Chapter 4 of this thesis, and suggested generality improvements to my model checking abstraction of HdpH-RS.

A special mention for Dr Edsko de Vries of Well Typed, for our insightful and detailed discussions about network transport design. Furthermore, Edsko engineered the network abstraction layer on which the fault detecting component of HdpH-RS is built.

I thank the computing officers at Heriot-Watt University and the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre for their support and hardware access for the performance evaluation of HdpH-RS.

Contributor: Rob Stewart

Source: Stewart, R (2013) Reliable Massively Parallel Symbolic Computing: Fault Tolerance for a Distributed Haskell, PhD, Heriot Watt University


For my son, who because of who he is, made me who I am

This thesis would not exist without the parents and practitioners who agreed to share their stories with me – a heartfelt thanks to each of you for risking your story with me!

I also want to thank the many people who have accompanied me on different parts of the journey:

Judith Good and Susie Scott who have helped me to play by the rules – thank you for your patience and persistence and for keeping me on track;

Lou McGill, my critical friend;

Friends and colleagues at the University of Sussex, too numerous to mention by name, but the folk who have met for breakfast, or coffee, or cream tea;

The network of research students who inhabit Twitter and #phdchat, the folk who have so often picked me up and supported me when I’ve threatened to jump ship;

My colleagues at The Open University, some of whom commented on initial drafts and diagrams, and my managers who supported my application for financial support.

And most of all thanks to my husband, friend, confidant and proof reader – thank you Gordon for putting up with all the mood swings – and to my son, who because of who he is, got me involved in the special needs domain.

A PhD was never part of my life plan – they were for ‘clever’ people. A chance encounter and a foolish question started me on this journey. Thinking back, the journey didn’t start there, but much further back with other chance encounters and people who believed in me, in particular Colin Archer, my manager, mentor and friend for many years when I was a young social worker, but also other friends and colleagues who have share part of my life journey with me, the names of whom are now lost in the mists of time.

Contributor: Liz Thackray

Source: Thackray L (2013) The Meanings of the ’Struggle/Fight Metaphor’ in the Special Needs Domain: The experiences of practitioners and parents of children with high functioning autism spectrum conditions, PhD, University of Sussex


Thanks for being my twin in spirit

None of this would have been possible without the insights and contributions of these amazing individuals; they are all blessings in disguise.

Through my research efforts, I was able to find not only a considerable measure of peace, but also the spark of Divinity. It was found in the faces and actions of my friends, family, and exceedingly worthy adversaries.

‘Yea though I walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil, for Thou art with me…’ -excerpt from the 23rd Psalm.

A.H. – The insights gleaned from our interactions were priceless, as was your Holy Book.

B.H. – You were a step in the right direction.

B.P. – Thanks for making this possible, and for your insights, encouragement, patience, and understanding. For all the late nights spent exchanging messages until the wee hours of the morning. For your unwavering support. For not backing down. For teaching me how to let go, and inspiring me to be better, stronger, and more open. For pushing me into the Shadows. When the entire negotiation for a session consists of a head nod and the phrase ‘Don’t tell me, just do it!’ I know I’ve found the right sparring partner. You are a damn good friend, and a worthy adversary.

B.V.R. – Thank you for giving me the freedom to conduct this research. Thank you for letting go.

J. & J.M. – Thanks for the priceless distractions when I needed them most.

M.G. – Thank you for teaching me about the Voice Within.

M.H. – Thank you for all of the conversations, meditations, and the OUTSTANDING photography. Thank you for being the Guardian at the doorway of my Sanctuary.

The Jewel – Thank you for being both a mentor and a friend. For teaching me about monsters. For teaching me about grace and strength, and for getting me through both my first and last nights in service. Most of all, thank you for introducing me to A.P. Just sayin’!

The Lifestyle and Lucky Club Staff/Volunteers – You work ceaselessly to make these places into second homes and sanctuaries. It was an honor to spend time on such sacred ground. Yours is mostly a thankless job, but your efforts do not go unnoticed. You make miracles happen.

V.P. – Thank you for being a tempest. For being right there with me, setting aside your own traumas and fears to help me overcome mine. Thank you for the amazing aftercare and your unending courage and support. Thanks for being my twin in spirit.

Contributor: @feral_tigress