If you ask me if you’re in the book, I will say no

Thanks to Alex and Luke for giving me peace to write this book and inspiring many smiles, too many to count.

To Biden, who is no longer with us, but wouldn’t have read the book anyway. She wasn’t really a voracious reader.

To Poseidon and Neptune who would stare back at me every time I had writer’s block and was staring in at them. They didn’t know how to fix plot holes either.

Thanks to MyEcoLips and Hearty Tarts for creating the author swag for this book. It’s not magical really…or is it? If you want to order Cerise’s lip-stain, without the magic but with all the other ingredients, the Ecolips formula code is ma9fy1j.

To all my muses, none of whom will ever read this book (probably), thanks for all the sleepless nights. If you ask me if you’re in the book, I will say no. The answer is always no. Even when the answer is yes, it’s no.

Special mentions for assistance, support and encouragement: Lesley, Cat, Lynx, Rod, Carol, Ronnie and all at Irvine Beat FM, the staff at Costa Coffee in Kilmarnock, Tony, Julia, Sami, Mum, Dad, Lynne, Guillaume, Louis, Papa and the Pollocks.

Thanks to everyone involved in this book on every level.

Contributor: Lacey Dearie

Source: Cherry Lips: A Chick-Lit Fairytale You can buy it here


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