Thank you both for not only supporting me on the good days but encouraging me to keep going on the dark days

It is my name on the front page and whilst this physical document represents a personal journey this work could not have been possible without a whole raft of people. I have been privileged enough to not only observe or simply participate in but to become part of the Scottish storytelling community. The welcoming, generous nature of all the tellers I have worked with have made this thesis the way it is. I am forever grateful to them.

The storytellers of Blether Tay-gither have suffered the most with my research and writing process yet they have always proved willing to discuss my ideas and read over drafts. Special thanks goes to Robbie, Lindsey, Sheila, Senga (thanks for the super fast proofread turn around!), Owen and Sylvia. Many other storytellers have been of invaluable help to me, as always, but especially Anna, Claire, Michael, Ruth, Frances, Russell, Judy, Jackie, Rachel, Donald and lastly but certainly not least, Jess. I would like to extend a special thank you to Bisi Adigun, although we only met once, he told me the first story I’d heard since childhood and directly inspired my research.

My other key research participants or co-creators who desperately need a mention here are the Interactive Media Design students who so admirably and successfully tackled the challenge of retelling a traditional tale using digital media, allowing me to observe and record their projects.

The wonderful illustrations peppered throughout this thesis tell the story the students retold digitally, Willie the Piper and the Frozen Boots. Stefanie Hess is responsible for the design of the cover and the illustrations, going above and beyond the call of duty, even providing me with my very own font! Thank you so much, Stefanie.

My supervisors, Dr Catriona Macaulay and Professor Tom Inns have kept a patient faith with me, and they have my undying admirationand thanks for keeping me going through this process. Thank you for your guidance.

Thank you to all my friends and colleagues who have given me support and advice, you know who you are! Also, to fellow Twitterers, who have answered my innumerable pleas for help (including inspiring music suggestions) and been inundated with my frustrated #phdhell tweets, thank you, especially to Graeme, Jonathan, Ceara, Jeffrey, David, Lorna and Steve. And thanks Gel for the Spotify playlist, it got me through the final stretch.

Finally, love and thanks must go to my parents, Margie and David, who I forced to hear first drafts, second drafts and umpteenth drafts, and who have also been my storytelling guinea pigs when I practised. Thank you both for not only supporting me on the good days but encouraging me to keep going on the dark days. To Amber, my mad, mad Springer spaniel, I will now take you out on lots of exciting new walks, I promise!

Contributor: @deb_max
Source: Maxwell, D (2010) Traditional Storytelling in a Digital World:the transformative power of Storytelling across media, PhD, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, University of Dundee


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