Thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to grow up around such wonderful people

I would like the thank my supervisors Professor Nigel R. Shadbolt and Dr David E. Millard, for their irreplaceable guidance. My sister Joy gets a special mention for putting so much time and effort into proof reading my thesis – now you know what your brother gets up to! Since starting my PhD I have had access to a wealth of knowledge and have been given the opportunity to immerse myself within a vibrant and exciting research community, and this would not have been possible without the support of my supervisors and the research group as a whole. A big thanks to all of my friends in the Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia (IAM) group for making me feel at home in Southampton, without you none of this would have been worthwhile. I would also like to thank the AKTors for all of the stimulating conversations I was fortunate to be a part of.

Here I will stress the importance of my family who have supported me from day one. A big thank you to my mother Minoo, without you I would have been nothing, my sister Joy who has brought me nothing but, and my late father Paul for helping me put everything into context. Thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to grow up around such wonderful people.

Following on from this I would also like to give special thanks Dr Antonis Loizou, Dr Mike O Jewell, Dr Faith Lawrence, Dr Dave P Dupplaw, Dr Harith Alani, Dr Martin Szomszor, and Dr Kieron O’Hara for their collaborative efforts during my studentship. I should also thanks Dr Mark Weal, Dr Yves Raimond, Parastou Marashi for helping proof my thesis and for being so lovely. I would also like to thank Professor Dame Wendy Hall for her support and guidance throughout the years, and would like to thank Susan Davies for everything she has done for me.

I should thank all of my friends for making my life enjoyable and eventful: Sebastien Francois for being there whenever need be, Dr Paul Groth for friendship and a critical eye, Dr Steve Munroe, Dr Simone Scaringi and Dr Antonis Loizou for making my house feel like a home. Finally, I would like to thank Dr Ashley Smith for his cynicism and company throughout.

Finally, I should also thank the people at Garlik Ltd, my current employer, who have been very supportive of my studies and my interests in the Semantic Web, Privacy, and Personal Information. And finally I should give a big thank you to Steve Harris, for showing me an enthusiasm for Web technologies, engineering, software design, and for helping me take my interests forward.

This work was supported under the Advanced Knowledge Technologies (AKT) Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC), which is sponsored by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council under grant number GR/N15764/01.

Contributor: @mischatuffield
Source: Tuffield, M. (2010) Telling Your Story: Autobiographical Metadata and the Semantic Web PhD. Thesis – University of Southampton


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